Widgets for LINE™ (needs root)

Description of Widgets for LINE™ (needs root) Widgets for LINE™ shows your LINE™ messages directly on your Homescreen*** DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOUR PHONE IS NOT ROOTED ****** WE CAN NOT HELP YOU TO ROOT YOUR PHONE ****** Please ignore comments of people who are too stupid to understand this. ***Put one or more LINE™ Widgets on your home screen to see all your LINE™ messages directly on your home screen.You can filter for a single contact, so you can have one widget for each of your best buddies. (See screenshot!)Widgets can be resized and support scrolling (Android 3.x up).Many different themes and layout options!*** We can not answer your ratings / comments, so for*** any questions or suggestions, please email to supportline@6am3.com*** This free demo version will show ads and also limits the amount of space for List Widgets.*** You can buy our Unlocker App in order to unlock it and get rid of the ads!*** In order to use this App your phone or tablet has to be "rooted".*** If you don't know what this is then this app is not for you!*** You need LINE™ installed to use this application ***** Supports all phones / tablets from Android 2.1 up!*** However, Widget-Scrolling is only supported from Android 3.0 up!*** Emoji / Smileys will show up in Android 4.1 and up,*** or alternatively try this to install Emoji-Enabled font on older Androids: *** https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.klncity1.emojifontupdater*** Permissions:*** android.permission.INTERNET: Needed to access avatar images*** com.android.vending.BILLING: In-App upgrade / donationsLINE™ is a registered trademark of Naver Inc

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