OTGA Directory

Description of OTGA Directory What is it?First of all OTGA stands for ON THE GO ACRONYMS!The OTGA Directory is comprised of 46 super cool acronyms that busy, in transit, don’t have time to text folks, use to get their message across to the people they communicate with on a daily basis.By design, this somewhat short, but very targeted directory is extremely powerful. This OTGA ( On The Go Acronym ) App will give people the ability to get a very succinct and direct message sent, without interrupting their busy schedules by stopping and trying to send a long drawn out text message. Who is it targeted towards?Busy people! This is the perfect app for folks that are extremely busy and simply want to update, answer quickly and keep it moving!Why would someone download the OTGA Directory?The acronyms are comprised of short phrases commonly used for status updates or simple questions regarding location, estimated time of arrival, etc.How does it work?Quite simply, someone sends you a text, asking a simple question: Where are you? we’re waiting for you. With the OTGA Directory, one would simply respond by touching the " Select Contacts " window, when the keyboard shows up,type the first two or three letters of the contacts name ( your mobile contacts automatically upload upon installation of the OTGA App ). You would then simply click the tab that reads List All Phrases, scroll down to BT15, which means " be there in 15 min!" click it, then simply click "Send SMS "A friend or colleague texts you, or sends you a message from the OTGA Directory and you would respond in kind with an acronym response.Ex: Survon: WU? = what’s up? Aliyah: JC = just chillin’!Ex: Survon: WYA? = where you at? Aliyah: OMW = on my way!Each user has two options when sending acronym messages.There's a Phrases Auto Completion button in which the user can turn ON or OFF. When it's ON, the Acronym AND Phrase show up. When the service is OFF, just the Acronym itself shows up. This gives the user flexibility in how they choose to communicate with their friends,family and/or colleagues.With Phrases Auto Completion service ON, here's how THIS exchange would look like:Ex: Survon: WU? = what’s up? Aliyah: JC = just chillin’!With Phrases Auto Completion service OFF, here's how this same exchange would look:Ex: Survon: WU? Aliyah: JC!There you have it. When you're in a hurry and don't have time to be texting, that's where the OTGA Directory is most handy. Let this OTGA App say it for you!

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