Counselling for Teens

Description of Counselling for Teens WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?Many aspects of today’s society can be bad news for the mental health of children and young people.. As they grow and develop, children have to navigate a complex and ever changing world, facing challenges and pressures in numerous aspects of their lives.Family breakdown is widespread.There is so much pressure to have access to money, the perfect body and lifestyle.Materialist culture heavily influences young people24 hour social networking and what young people can access from a young age can have a negative impact on their mental health and well being.Body image is a source of much distress for many young people.Bullying on and offline is rife. Increasing sexual pressures and early sexualisation throw young people into an adult world they don’t understandViolence is rife in many communities and fear of crime a constant source of distress for thousands of young people.Schools are getting more and more like exam factories; university entry has become more competitive and expensive.13% of 16-24 year olds are not in employment, education or training.You might be experiencing problems at school, issues with your parents or generally not feeling like yourself.Counselling lets you talk about how you feel, separate from school and home life and can help you get back to enjoying life. NEED TO TALK?If you're struggling with how you feel and need to talk, Counsellor are there to listen. Don't suffer in silence – drop our volunteer a line chat or connect them in Face Book or email.

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