AC Regiones

Description of AC Regiones The AC Regions App has been developed by the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia / High Presidential Council of Regions, as a channel of communication and immediate contact with all the Governors and Mayors of the country. The use of the application is restricted to Governors, Mayors and / or users designated or authorized by them; The foregoing requires making an access request that will be authorized or declined directly from the Presidency. Users of the application can access: 1. Relevant messages that the Presidency will publish in the application, both of a general nature or interest, and addressed to specific groups of Governations and City Halls according to their interest. 2. Within the possible types of contents may be received: images, videos, audios and push-type messages that will alert notifications. 3. Additionally, Live Transmissions scheduled and made from the Presidency may be accessed for all users or for specific groups of Governors and / or Mayors. 4. The presidency may also conduct surveys or questions that will allow greater support in the implementation of plans and programs of a regional nature, as well as updated information on their evolution in the country. Each user is assigned an advisor who will be able to attend to any concern or specific requirement of his Government or Mayor's Office. The assigned advisor and their contact information can be viewed in the Profile option or by clicking on the contact button.

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