Description of 510Connectbot SSH client with vt320 and tn5250 terminal emulation. Licensed under the GPLv3 or later. The complete source code is available at http://www.five-ten-sg.com/510ConnectbotThis fork extends previous Connectbot projects in two ways. It includes tn5250 terminal emulation, in addition to the previous vt320 terminal emulation. It also contains hooks for a separate monitoring process that has access to some of the internal operations in this emulator.Other changes from previous versions as of 2014-12-26:The Android SecureRandom bug has been fixed in newer versions of Android, but this code now compensates for that bug in older versions. If you have keys generated on older Android devices, those keys should be discarded, and you should generate new keys.The underlying compression code from jcraft has been updated. The underlying socks proxy code has been updated. The underlying ssh code has been updated from trilead to ganymed. Elliptic curve crypto is now supported, but the NIST curves are placed after the RSA and DH types in the list of key exchange algorithms, so they should only be used if the server does not support RSA or DH. This change is based on on a general lack of trust in NIST curves that have possibly been compromised by the NSA.The soft function keypad now has better labels, and can generate all 24 function keys for 5250 emulation. A hardware button can be configured to display that function keypad.A deployment.connections text file is read (and deleted) on startup. This may be used to preconfigure the global options and to create an initial set of host connections. This is really only useful for bulk deployments.The font sizes are now kept with one decimal point, and font size changes are done by scaling by a constant factor of 1.1, rather than the linear additive 2 point factor.On a per-host basis, you can either allow the font size to change the number of rows and columns depending on the visibility of the soft keyboard, or you can fix the number of rows and colums. Using a larger font with a fixed number of rows and columns, you may only be able to see the top left part of the logical screen that is being used by the host system. There is no vertical or horizontal scrolling yet.The configurable hardware buttons can now change the font size.The soft function keypad now includes the cursor movement keys.Bug fix – switching apps caused ssh sessions to hang.

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