Kids Note for day care centers

Description of Kids Note for day care centers Essential application for your day care center! (Smart daily reports for your kids)Dear institute directors! Enhance your institute's competency with our service!▣ Feature- From the day care center, no need to print all the notices / newsletter with paper! Send it via this quickly easily.- From the paper daily reports which could be lost or corrupted, to the smart daily reports via smartphone and PC!- Easy private communication between director / teacher and each parent (private 1:1 communication)- No burden of sharing all-year long photos- For teachers, more time to take care of children, for parents, always get connected with your kids even at work!▣ Easy on your PC and your Smartphone!- Send the daily reports / notices anytime and anywhere!- Privacy strictly protected – phone number never disclosed!- Working mom and dad always can check their kids!▣ How to start1. First, director needs to sign up2. After director's signing up, invite teachers and parents3. Use our service now ▣ NOTEPlease install Android 4.4 or above for a pleasant experience using App.

Download APK(65.11MB)

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