Times Tables

Description of Times Tables Memorize the Times Tables from 2 to 12! Using two different modes and three different quiz prompts, this app will help you memorize the Times Tables quickly and efficiently.Features:- Two quiz modes – Endless – Helps with memorizing by showing you the cards you have the hardest time with more often – Normal – Shows you all of the cards in random order, and lets you review at the end- 3 different quiz prompts – Honors System – You think of the answer first, then after you are shown the answer you indicate whether or not your got it right. – Multiple Choice – Choose the right answer out of the 4 choices presented. – Exact Text – Type in the answer. You have to get it perfect to get it right!- Simple design- Save your spot in Normal Quiz mode- Quickly and easily review all of the cards in the app- Search cards by answer

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