Prodi Green Economy SU

Description of Prodi Green Economy SU App-Based eLearning for Prodi Green Economy Surya University is a demo that seems to be the first time in Indonesia that teaching-learning interaction can move from classroom to Android smartphone or tablet. Unlike web-based eLearning which requires high server costs to provide users with satisfactory bandwidth, the app-based eLearning advantages proposed by appSU Studio do not cost the server. App-Based eLearning is a revolution in the world of education, training and teaching. Courses from lecturers 1 and 2 lecturers can be renamed lecturers where subject matter can be video tutorials or teaching videos that can be installed and opened offline by users. For some reason, courses from lecturers can be given passwords and only password holders can follow eLearning from lecturers selected by users.

Download APK(13.07MB)

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