Computer System Organization.

Description of Computer System Organization. Notes,quiz,blog and videos of computer organization & architecture.It almost contain topics of computer architecture & organization which are given belowChapter 1 Computer Basics and CPU1.Von Neumann model2.CPU and Memory registers3.Program Counter and Instruction Register4.Computer Accumulator5.Register Transfer Language6.Instruction Fetch Decode and Execution7.Data Movement and Manipulation8.8085 MICROPROCESSOR ARCHITECTUREChapter 2 Control Unit Organization1.Hardwired control unit2.Micro and nano programmed control unit3.Addressing Sequencing4.Microinstruction Format5.Micro program sequencer6.Arithmetic and Logic UnitChapter 3 Input Output Organization1.MODES OF DATA TRANSFER2.Interrupt driven and Direct Memory Access3.Input Output Interface4.Asynchronous data transfer5.Synchronous Data Transmission6.The 8085 Instruction Set7.Data transfer Serial / parallel8.Data transfer simplex/half duplex and full duplexChapter 4 Memory organization1.Memory Map2.Memory Hierarchy3.Cache Memory, Organization and mappings4.Associative Memory5.Virtual memory6.Memory Management HardwareChapter 5 Multiprocessors1.Pipeline and Vector processing2.Instruction and Arithmetic pipelines3.Array Processors4.Interconnection structure and inter-processor communication

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