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Description of SmartUp – Show What You Know Show what you know with SmartUp – the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange used around the world by companies, innovators, business schools, startup founders, and curious entrepreneurs.Discover, join or create communities based on topic, interest, passion or skill. Conceived and developed by a seasoned team of founders and investors behind Founders Forum, Spotify, Siri, and others, SmartUp now hosts more than 150,000 members and is used around the world by startup founders, companies, innovators, business schools and curious entrepreneurs. The power of its open platform is rooted in every knowledge community built in SmartUp. SmartUp’s intuitive learning system provides communities engaging and fun ways to contribute and consume bite-sized pieces of knowledge and insight. It’s powerful platform unlocks your community’s real knowledge to help every member unleash their potential.Ready to experience the power of the platform and our dynamic knowledge communities on StartUp? Download the App and join one of our featured communities today! Launch:Launch is the startup community for entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere – SmartUp’s original community. Test and improve your startup and business knowledge with quizzes, insights and case studies on Financing, Trends, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Growth and much more. Elevate:Elevate is the innovation community for visionaries and mavericks in modern businesses. Find the tools and insights that will help you innovate regardless of where you work and what you do.See how SmartUp can take you, your business and your teams to the next level. Our clients are using SmartUp to: • Innovate: Access exclusive advice from top founders and absorb content related to your interests to help you innovate and be more “startup”. • Learn and Train: Make learning enjoyable again with snappy, focused chunks of content, trends, surveys and more served up in a fun and gamified environment. • On-board New Employees: Build a company learning experience new hires won’t soon forget with insights, quizzes, and polls. • Recruit: Tap into hidden talent and identify underutilized skills by creating a community filled with engaging content that encourages specific interactions. SmartUp is optimized across all devices so you can take your community with you and show what you know while you’re on the go!

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