Description of Lereader LeReader, a large number of high-quality novels e-book reader: a wide range of serialized and finished free novels, covering urban novels, supernatural novels, romance novels, domineering president novels, fantasy novels, country novels, and overhead novels. Read the entire novel as you like, serialized novels are updated in real time, you can choose from tens of thousands of popular novels, and a selection of millions of high-quality book resources. · Novels: Romance novels, suspense, fantasy, traversal, overbearing presidents and other styles; · Wayward reading: No ads, no lag, customized reading on demand, easy and comfortable reading of novels: · Book-chasing artifact: real elbow update of novels , Read books to keep reading history, and refuse to repeat chapters; Customized book list: customize your own book list, recommend good books according to your reading hobby; reminder of the speed of light of the novel on the whole network, free reading on the whole site, no ads, multi-dimensional recommendation Send good books. The popular pocket mobile library includes all kinds of classic works, from the hot-blooded city to the fantasy world, from the wealthy love to the pure love on campus, from the palace plot to the country infatuation, there is always a book and a story that will make you fascinated!

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